About Us


Company overview :

N.R. Group is the sole exporter of yarn in Bangladesh, giving it a unique advantage in yarn spinning. Its 6 divisions exports in countries including Brazil, Spain, Turkey and Sri Lanka. 

N. R. Group of Companies has been in the business of Knit-Garments sector for almost four decades. Initially catering to the domestic market, it entered into the global market in the mid-eighties. With a modest beginning, the group succeeded in expanding through export of quality knitwear and sweater products to the global markets, especially in Europe. In recognition of its outstanding export performance, the group has been awarded the highest business honours and is 9 times recipient of the President's Export Trophy and the National Export Trophy by the Government of the Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh.

NR Group is the sole exporter of yarn in Bangladesh, giving it an unique advanatge in yarn spinning.

Group Activities:


N.R Group has a vertical set up of textile products and is a one stop service center through accumulating its different production processes.

The basic raw material i.e. raw cotton is sourced globally and all the processing is done at our facilities. All kinds of yarn is produced in the spinning mills operating under the group. A wide range of circular knitting machines facilitate manufacturing of fabric of any kind. The yarn dyeing plant provides support for different colored stripped fabrics. Knitting machines with lycra attachments provide fabrics with required elasticity and smooth finishing.

Modernized dyeing and finishing machinery provide a scope for high quality finished fabrics in a wide variety of colors.  Tube and open finish allows fabric finishing within the same boundary.

Accessories including labels, ribbons and elastics are produced with the garments for the export markets. In addition price tags, hang tags and stickers are also produced in the printing and packaging sector under the group.

Combining all of the above N.R. Group has become a true composite facility to satisfy all knit product requirements and continues to grow its potential.