Flat Knit Sweater.

Flat Knit Sweater Division:

NR Group’s Sweater department has been recently upgraded with 160 Shima Seiki electronic intarsia jacquard machines from Japan, ensuring that NR Group is a leader in quality flat knit and automatic sweater production.  This is in addition to 2000 hand flat knit machines that further contribute to sweater production.


The Sweater department has an annual turnover of USD 25 million, and has a production capacity of 4 million pull over pieces per year.


  • 100% cotton, wool, acrylic

  • Cotton/acrylic
  • Cotton/cashmere
  • Cotton/nylon/wool
  • ·Lamb wool/nylon
  • ·Acrylic/wool



Highly skilled technicians from Spain and Sri Lanka control our sweater division’s technical and quality management and oversee 3500 local staff.