Garments Division:

NR Group Garments Division has 2 factories having production capacity 30 million pieces of knit garments per year.

With an annual turnover of USD 45 million, NR Group is one of Bangladesh’s largest exporters of ethically sourced, global brands of clothing.   Our award-winning company has an output of 30 million pieces per annum that is shipped all over the world and currently employs over 5,000 skilled workers.


To manufacture our company’s garments, NRG uses advanced technologies including CAD systems for fabric cutting, embroidery and garment printing.


We have both screen and colour automatic machines from USA , as well as in house garment dyeing and washing facilities. We provide in house panel printing, beadwork, machine and hand-smocking and many other value added services.


Our sophisticated design lab, with computer aided design system and plotter, can develop various kinds design patterns for transfers, according to our customer needs. Our garment printing capacity is 60,000 pieces per day.