Yarn SPINNing

Yarn Spinning Division:


NR Group’s spinning division has 6 production units each specializing in a distinct textile, 175, 000 spindles, 20 Vortex systems and is capable of producing 42 000 tons of yarn per year. NR Group only uses top quality cotton, state of the art technology and the expertise of its staff to create excellence.

One unit is dedicated to the use of Vortex systems, resulting in less hairiness, resistance to peeling moisture and absorption wash resistance yarn. Another unit is dedicated to the production of ring denim with the facility of core yarn.

NR Group is currently the sole exporter of yarn to Brazil, Turkey, Spain and Sri Lanka.

Yarn production range includes:     

  • 100% cotton: cotton yarn
    viscose yarn

  • 100% Viscose and biodegradable fiber like Modal and Tencel from M/S Lenzing
    fiber, Austria

  • Organic cotton

  • Better cotton initiative

  • All above fibres can be blended with any kind of composition Core spun yarn, short and long slub and injected slub yarn by AMSLER attachment, Switzerland


Product ranges available include:

  • Ring spun count range from Ne 16/1 to Ne 60/1

  • Denim count range from Ne 5/1 to Ne 20/1

  • Murata Vortex System (MVS) yarn (anti pilling)

  • Facilities for 2 ply and 3 ply yarn on TFO with a capacity of 5000 tons per year