Fabric Dyeing

NR Group’s fabric dyeing division uses modern dyeing machines and is equipped with world-class machines from Fong’s, Bruckner, Fabcon, and Lafer for fabric preparation, dyeing and finishing.

We have state of the art finishing machines to process value added finishing effects including carbon finish, peach finish, brushing for 100% cotton and blended fabric.

We have the capacity to process 20,000 tons of all kinds of knitted fabric per year. 

NR Group’s fabric dyeing division is certified with ISO 9001 in 2008 and Oeko Tex 100 certificates in recognition of high quality standards.

The Fabric Dyeing division laboratory is also equipped with Datacolor 650® spectrophotometer, AUTOLAB® Laboratory Dispenser and AHIBA IR™Laboratory Dyeing machines from DataColor USA.

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