Ribbon & Narrow Fabric

Jacquard Elastic
> Origin: Switzerland & China
> Number of Machines: 95 Units
> 100 Thousand Yards Per Day
> End Use: Boxer, Lingerie, 3D Design Elastic

Needle Loom Elastic
> Origin: Switzerland, Germany & China
> Number of Machines: 149 Units
> 436 Thousand Yards Per Day
> End Use: Boxer, Lingerie, Bra, Strap & Fold Over

Winding Machine
> Origin: Germany, Switzerland & China

Wrapping Machine
> Origin: Germany, Switzerland & China

Dyeing Machine (Naylon)
> Origin: China
> Number of Machines: 4 for bulk & 2 for sample
> 320 Thousand Yards Per Day
> End Use: Solid Dyed

> Four Color Screen Print
> Transfer Print
> Two Color Silicon Printing

Crochet Elastic
> Origin: Switzerland
> Number of Machine: 52 Units
> 312 Thousand Yards Per Day
> End Use: Inner Elastic, Lace

Jacquard Elastic
> All kinds of logo and design
> Max width: 100 mm
> Color: 7
> Production Capacity: 100 thousand meter per day
> European based machinaries

Woven Elastic
> Mens boxer, boys elastic with solid and stripes, lurex elastic and many more
>143 Machines including needle 100ms
> Size 3 to 100mm

Bra & Shoulder Strap
> Wire casing, adjustable elastic, soft elastic for a lucrative bra.

Sandwitch Elastic
> Flat matt, Fold over matt under burst, Picot
> All types of disperse, Polyamide shades with Luminous color of them
> Production Capacity: 300 thousand meters per day

Special and Innovative Elastic
> Cool max elastic-highly absorbent and comfortable
> High stretched elastic-specially crafted for a person like a pregnant woman.

Ribbon and Tape
> Satin Ribbons (for bow making)
> Polyester Tape (for fastering) are for casual wear decoration
> Cotton Tape- used as accessories in the top and bottom garments
> Recycle Paper Type Satin Ribbon is a new addition
> That is a speciality for care labels

> All types of fancy and solid ones (made with metal, plastic and gel tipping)
> Production Capacity: 65 thousand meters
> Used as shoelace, hoodie, carrier, rope daily

Printed Elastic
> Satin Ribbons-(for bow making)
> Vast Scope of PE
> Sublimation print technique used
> Designed and printed in negative roll adds natural elegance
> Screen print, heat seal, deboss print and silicon print

Tricot & Rib Tape
> For Colorful Liningwith flexible back-n-face side

Concern Unit