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Sustainability demands are constantly rising and changing, especially concerning water and energy consumption. CPB dyeing is one of the most environmentally friendly approaches in the textile industry. We launched this project in 2019 with highly sophisticated, most modern pieces of machinery, using the latest technology in the CPB dyeing and highly experienced personnel. Presently, we have a 26 tons per day production facility, and we plan to increase the production to 60 tons per day by 2023.

The benefit of CPB dyeing is low water and utility consumption, without the need to use salt. For this reason, the water can easily be treated for re-use. Due to this working environment and process, dust-free fabrics are hygienic without generating mechanical friction. Fabrics pilling is reduced, there is less fibre loss, reducing the chemical concentration of effluent, less TDS in ETP, better quality fabrics, fabrics become shinier, environmentally friendly, and more sustainable. We are certified by Oeko-tex (Standard 100), GOTS, OCS, GRS, DETOX etc. and nominated by renowned buyers like M&S, Inditex etc.