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The Spinning Division of NR Group was established in 1992. Since then, the division has experienced significant growth and expansion to become the pioneer in introducing the new Vortex technology in Bangladesh – with 64 Vortex machines, NR Group represents the largest Vortex spinner in South Asia. The Group includes seven units of yarn production facilities which consist of 146,544 ring spindles, 5,760 vortex spindles and 7,888 spindles of TFO, having a total production capacity of 140 tons per day.

Our production facilities produce 200+ blended yarn products up to 6/1 to 50/1 count and utilise sustainable fibre like Ecovero viscose from Lenzing, recycled polyester fibre, BCI, organic cotton, modal, and synthetic and polyester fibre. To maintain the best product quality, we monitor yarn production on a real-time basis in an in-house yarn testing laboratory. The dynamic design of our production units focuses on efficiency and performance.