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Our Fabric Dyeing facilities were launched in 2005 as part of the NR Group Dyeing Division. The unit produces 42 tons of fabrics per day. A very experienced and qualified workforce operates it utilising the most modern machinery and equipment from Europe and Hong Kong (Thies, Corino, Bruckner Stenter, Il Sung Stenter, Fong’s and more).
We possess the capability to dye all types of unique fabrics like 100% viscose, 100% Polyester and all sorts of blended fabrics, and in finishing, we can do all kinds of special finishes, including anti-microbial/antiviral/polygene finishes, water-repellant/Teflon finish and stain release finish, etc. We are able to meet any range of wet rubbing, cross staining, saliva and perspiration fastness range. Additionally, our unit produces dust-free fabric and dust is disposed of separately in order not to contaminate water.

To support our sustainability goals, we have developed a low-temperature scouring, soaping and bleaching process, which reduces energy consumption by decreasing the usage of steam and cooling water usage. To ensure quality, many requirements and controls such as physical, chemical and analytical tests must be performed, and continuous supervision is in place in our modern laboratories. We are certified by Oeko-tex (Standard 100), GOTS, OCS, GRS, DETOX etc.