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NR Group instituted the Yarn Dyeing unit in 2007 and has grown to become the largest in Bangladesh, employing more than 1,000 people. Our facility possesses fully automated and supermodern machines, producing 40 tons of yarn dyeing per day.
This technique represents a unique type of process where yarns are dyed in package form or hanks form. It is slightly different from woven or knit dyeing. Dyed yarns are used for making stipe knit or woven fabrics or solid dyed yarn fabric.

The production offers all kinds of yarn service dyeing, dyed sweater yarn, space-dyed yarn for all types of blended yarn and superior quality threads for all sewing and embroidery application. Our in-house laboratory is equipped with 128 pot Auto-Lab Dispenser, Spectro Photo Meter, Lab knitter m/c and moderate Lab dyeing and testing types of machinery.
Our facilities pay the utmost attention to raising and maintaining the NR Group quality yarn dyeing standards. Our dedicated laboratories and personnel complete continuous quality control utilising innovative instruments and the latest technology.