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NR Group is committed to achieving maximum excellence and meeting the diverse needs of our clients through the integration of cutting-edge technology.

To ensure optimal operation of our modern machinery and equipment sourced from reputable European and Asian brands such as Trützschler, Xorella, Vortex, Pailung, Thies, Corino, Bruckner Stenter, Il Sung Stenter, Fong’s, Tajima and more, we have assembled a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Our dedicated team undergoes continuous training, keeping them up-to-date with the latest operational techniques. This empowers them to utilise the advanced features and capabilities of our equipment effectively.

Our commitment to investing in innovation stems from our recognition of its pivotal role in the textile industry. It enables us to develop new technical textiles that incorporate advanced materials and functionalities. These innovations can be tailored to various applications and readily meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Our specialised laboratories are crucial in advancing research and development, guaranteeing that we always test for the highest quality standards.
At NR Group, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of textile and garment technology, constantly striving for excellence, and delivering outstanding results to our valued clients.